Personal Teaching Assistant for Every Learner

AI-powered personalized learning, lightening the load for educators.


Aid Teachers to Focus on Students

Traditional career education often fails to provide a personalized learning at scale, placing a burden on educators and leading to lower student engagement and academic performance.

Meet YaizY AI Teaching Assistant

Trained on top-notch materials curated by academic and industry experts.

YaizY AI offers accessible, engaging learning experiences that captivate students while ensuring effective academic outcomes.

How It Works

Guided Learning with YaizY AI

Immediate Support

Provides instant answers to course content, technical and personal queries.

Learning Mentor

Captures the essence of a teacher's guidance, nurturing a supportive atmosphere with clear, friendly responses.

Proactive Engagement

Engages students by initiating conversations with interactive warm-up questions.

Industry Expert

Enriches learning experiences with recent industry insights and relevant examples.

Progress Tracker

Keeps students on course by pinpointing their progress in lessons and activities.

Personalized Feedback

Provides targeted feedback on quiz responses and evaluates creative writing assignments with precision.

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Transform Your Classroom
with the YaizY AI Assistant

Guided self-paced courses.

Secure Learning

Empower Students to Get Ahead with Safe Technology

At YaizY, student safety is our priority. Our AI teaching assistant ensures safe learning, strictly adhering to child privacy regulations and safeguarding student records, ensuring all data and content remain secure.